Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The true meaning of Christmas

Go to a live Nativity
Advent Calendar Day 4
We went to a live Nativity last night with my brother's family and some friends. There was quite a long line that we had to wait in for about 45 minutes. Luckily it was around 40 degrees ... so not as cold as it could have been. They had live animals the kids could pet as we made our way through the line...such as camels (yes, real camels!), goats, sheep, and llamas. It really was such an amazing nativity! We walked inside some big structure that was made to resemble Bethlehem. There were people dressed up in costumes from that time period acting out typical activities from the time of Christ's birth, such as pottery, flat bread, fruit, egg gathering, beggars, etc. As we passed a door there was a man saying, "I am sorry but the inn is full...there is no room at the inn." I think he startled my children since they weren't looking that direction. As we turned the corner, there was Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus (they had a brand new, tiny baby for Jesus) with a light shining down on Baby Jesus and animals and chickens all around. It truly was so amazing! I am so glad we decided to wait in that long line. Christmas time is always such a busy time and it is so easy for me to get focused on the shopping, decorating, and parties and forget what it is I am celebrating. It was wonderful for my children...and for me!! I am so grateful for my Savior and His birth!! Merry Christmas!

Hadley Jack & Ryan with their cousin Madison

Hadley and Morgan petting a goat

Hadley, Jack, Addison, Ellie, Emma and Ryan

The camel

Part of the Nativity on our way into Bethlehem

My children trying to wait patiently in the long line


Our friends Adam and Cami

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Adam and Cami said...

What a great Night. Thanks for letting our family crash the party and push over the ropes and burn them down!!