Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

How many of you can say you didn't eat any turkey on Thanksgiving? We can!! My poor mom and her malfunctioning meat thermometer left us with a medium rare turkey. Luckily the sides (my favorite part of the meal) didn't disappoint.

Gavin, Jack and Ryan started off the holiday festivities with a Turkey Trot. They all finished within a minute of each other. Ryan crossed the finish line first with Jack 30 seconds behind and Gavin 10 seconds later. It's the first time he didn't need to "let" them win.

Our cute kids

Mia and her cousin Luke

Getting ready for the feast

Grandma and Grandpa proudly carving the (raw) bird

Thanksgiving night fun with the cousins

Turning sugar cookies into turkeys

Griffin was excited to do his own turkey design

And of course a cousin party wouldn't be complete without a sleep over!
Gavin kept trying (unsuccessfully) to turn our dinner conversation into a gratitude moment but it just wasn't going to happen, but I do have so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is all about family and being together and this was more evident than ever this year. I am so grateful for my amazing husband and 6 children, and also very thankful for my parents and siblings (and their spouses).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Eleven Years Old
Ryan has been asking non-stop for another hamster. His first 2 hamsters died after a few weeks (hibernation and stress) and we decided to take a break for awhile. These past few weeks it's been non-stop hamster talk from Ryan. Things like, "Hey mom come out to the garage, there's something I want to show you." and then once in the garage, "Ok, now get in the car and let's go get a hamster!" He didn't want any old hamster though. It needed to be a Black Bear Hamster. I started calling around a few days before his birthday and called about 10 pet stores before I finally found a store that had one in stock. I took Ryan to make sure it was all he had been dreaming about. It was instant love.

Introducing "Bengal"

Technically my kids don't have Birthday parties after their 10th birthday. Instead they can invite a few friends to go do something. Ryan chose to go see the movie, "Shorts" and then a late over at our house playing video games. I think they all had a good time and were happy to hang out together until midnight.

"11" cake--hey he's not even supposed to get a party so he should be thrilled with this custom creation!

He wanted to light his own birthday candles

Showing off his birthday presents. We watched "UP" on his birthday and then he chose BFD (Breakfast For Dinner) for his Birthday dinner. He's been reading The 39 Clue books non-stop since his birthday.

In honor of his 11th birthday---
1. He keeps us laughing with his quick wit and sense of humor even when sharing his testimony in FHE.
2. A great cub scout. He has worked hard all 3 years in cubs and has earned his Arrow of Light. He is excited to start going to Boy Scouts now.
3. A cuddler. It's always fun to sit next to him on the couch because there's always a guaranteed cuddle.
4. Enjoys our family tv nights--watching Survivor and Amazing Race.
5. Athletic and really excels at football and basketball. He knows everything about the NFL and NBA teams and players (from his wii games).
6. He's earning his Bachelor's Degree in his 5th grade class and learning all about animals.
7. Enjoys playing the piano and has had several opportunities to share this talent-- played the prelude music in Sacrament Meeting for the Primary program and the opening and closing hymns at the Stake Priesthood Preview.
8. A loyal friend. His best friends are Tate, Tanner and Truman.
9. He is terrible at brushing his teeth but somehow is the one to never have cavities at the dentist.
10. He doesn't like sweets. He's always the one with Halloween candy left over months later, ice cream melting everywhere, and he doesn't like donuts and just ask Jack, "everyone loves donuts!!" (Maybe #9 and #10 are related.)
11. He likes to listen to Christmas music while going to sleep.

Happy 11th Birthday, Ryan! We love you!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Championship Game on Saturday!

Whose team is undefeated and playing for the championship on Saturday at noon? Oh, you better believe it!!! Put on some layers and brave the cold and snow as you cheer Ryan on to victory. Think of all the fun . . .

You can help hold this banner at half time--

See sexy dads playing catch on the sidelines--

And hot moms cheering on their kids (except with more layers)

and their saggy butts
(P.S. Don't let your husband take pics of the game or you too will end up with hundreds of pics like this one)

You can witness great handoffs--

and awesome punts--

and surprising catches--

And hopefully lots of these. Touchdown!!

Game time is noon at Bingham High. Remember Blog stalkers are not invited.

P.S. Hopefully you won't see a lot of bump-and runs, encroachment, fumbles, holdings, intentional grounding, offsides, personal fouls, sacks, or turnovers unless it's the other team. . . and then that would be ok. (And don't ask why those are in alphabetical order because those are just some random football terms I like to throw around and definitely did not copy from some football website.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweet 'n Sassy

22 months later and I'm still head over heels in love with this little girl! She is growing up quickly and proving she doesn't have to be sweet all of the time. Something clicked last month and she decided she could be just as feisty as the rest of them (meaning Griffin and Morgan). She's figured out how to hold her own and show real attitude.

I never get tired of hearing her cute voice call me "mom". Maybe it's because she's my last. Or she was the unexpected gift at the end of our family. Or maybe it's because she's just really so sweet!! Whatever the reason--I am cherishing the moments with this little one.