Monday, September 8, 2014

Baptism Pictures

I look at these pictures of Griffin and Morgan and am overwhelmed with love and gratitude.  I am so very blessed to be their mom and am so proud of both of them with their decision to get baptized, together.  Both being a support to each other on their special day.  Even though Griffin is the little brother and Morgan is almost 4 years older, he has always been an example to Morgan and a source of strength for her.  I remember when Morgan was turning 6 and we had a swimming party at the rec center.  Morgan was nervous to walk out into the water, not knowing if it would get deeper or she would get too wet.  She looked over at Griffin as he was making his way out to the water with no fear.  He took her hand and they walked out together.  She knew if Griffin could do it, so could she. They bravely walked into the water together.  We felt like Griffin’s baptism would be the perfect time for Morgan to also get baptized.  Griffin was nervous to have all of the attention just on him and Morgan was unsure about getting baptized but together they gave each other what the other one needed.       

The Baptism Invites