Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's Great To Be 8!

It's hard to believe this littlest girl of mine is 8 and getting baptized this week.  She has been so excited and looking forward to this day for a long time.  I took her to Deseret Book to pick out her own set of scriptures.  She had picked out a nice burgundy set until a tiny little set of four books (new testament, old testament, book of mormon and doctrine & covenants/pearl of great price) caught her eye.  She instantly knew she wanted that little set (and it didn't hurt that it was on sale for $8).  She picked out a few book marks (one with a picture of each latter-day prophet and the other with a schedule to read the book of mormon in one year), a scripture case and scripture marking pencils and we were good to go.

She was so excited to start marking her scriptures and Gavin told her she should look at my scriptures to see how I marked mine and do something similar with hers (using different colored pencils for specific themes).  I found her a few minutes later with my scriptures going through each page and highlighting the exact same scriptures that I had highlighted and in the same colors (except she chose orange to mark her favorite scriptures).  The first scripture she marked with orange as one of her favorites was the one her big brother, Jack, chose as his favorite to share on his mission plaque that is hanging up in the church.  Awwww!!

The next night I had my mission reunion here at my house and it was late.  I had asked the kids to please hurry and get in bed since it was a school night and almost midnight.  I went into Mia's room and was upset that Griffin and Mia were still awake and talking. They were sitting on Mia's bed with scriptures open and reading the Articles of Faith and trying to decide which color they should use, (I gave Mia a sticky note to put in the front of her scriptures with the color key for different scriptural, Christ, prayer, commandments/obedience, missionary work, etc)  "I think we should use red for the 1st one because it mostly talks about God and Jesus." Then a few minutes later, "I think that scripture is about missionary work, don't you?" So cute!  How do you get mad about that?

She is excited for her big day and wants to invite everyone that she knows!  She also can't wait to get her baptism memory book from her grandma.  When I told her Grandma and Grandpa might be out of town for her baptism, her only concern was whether she would still get the baptism scrapbook or not. Luckily, we changed the date to earlier in the month and not only will Grandma and Grandpa be in town but so will her cousins and Aunt and Uncle from Washington!

It's definitely GREAT TO BE EIGHT!