Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ooh la la . . . Paris birthday party!

Hadley turned 11 last month and had a big Paris-themed birthday celebration.  She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do for her birthday this year but knew she wanted her dad’s crepes and to watch a movie in the ‘theater room’ with all of her favorite concessions.  She didn’t jump up and down with excitement when I suggested a Paris birthday, two of her cousins both recently had Paris birthday parties and she was afraid she was copying them.  It didn’t take long though for her to get excited and help plan the party when she heard about some party ideas.  We had fun shopping together for all of the decorations.

She had two birthday wishes . . . a digital scrapbook and a visit with Zeus.  After a few texts and begging, I finally got a text back from Zeus’ owner that we could visit him the Sunday after her birthday and take him to a nearby park.  I spent the last few months working on her scrapbook and luckily had it all ready for her birthday surprise.  If you wanna peek inside the book, click on this link.

In typical Hadley fashion, she shared opening gifts with her siblings and let Morgan, Mia and Griffin each take turns opening one of her gifts.  I don’t think she really cared what was inside the wrapping paper after reading the card and finding out she was going to visit Zeus in a few days.  It’s all she had been wanting and talking about ever since we drove off without him 2 months earlier.

Her birthday was on a Wednesday which happens to be her busiest day of the week.  She had to open presents quickly and didn’t have time to even look at her scrapbook before she left for piano lessons before school.  Luckily we checked her out of school for a birthday lunch so we were able to spend some time with her during the day.  She had to go to her dance/singing practice right after school for 3 hours.  We picked her up from class and went straight to a late night dollar movie, We Bought A Zoo.  We got home after 10 pm and made everyone go right to bed so they could wake up for school the next morning.  She was so excited to finally get to look through her scrapbook the next day after school.  

Lunch at Blue Lemon

The birthday invitation

The Paris theme made it so much fun to decorate for the party.  I had my sweet friend come over and help me get it all set up.  And by help, I mean she did it all while I sat on the couch blowing up balloons for the balloon arch.  My favorites from the party were copied from pinterest and etsy--the balloon arch and the candy Eiffel tower suckers.

I had big hopes for Hadley’s cake.  I found the perfect cake and tutorial on pinterest.  And even though I’ve only used fondant once, I was certain I could recreate this amazing masterpiece (on the right).  With only 10 minutes until the party guests arrived and an undecorated cake sitting on the cake platter, I realized some things may not work out and the cake was one of them.  I quickly rolled out the fondant, put it over the cake and then used my newly acquired quilting tool to make some messy lines.  The party guests still loved it and asked if it was fabric and not icing on her cake.

The party started with guests getting to order their custom crepe.  Nutella was the party favorite.  I tried to sway a few to try the cheesecake  filling but they knew what they wanted and it wasn’t cheesecake.  Or any cake.  They were all too full after the crepes that we didn’t even cut the cake or get the ice cream out of the freezer.

Gavin had a boys (aka father and sons) trip planned to St. George to see the air show that weekend but waited until everyone had eaten their fair share of crepes before loading up the car and heading south.  Hadley will be the  first one to tell you that her dad is the most handsome, crepe making dad around.  We even have it written on a post-it note on our kitchen wall in case we forget.  I think this may have been when he was asking the girls for compliments to the chef.

The party guests

We cleaned up the crepes and turned the dining room into a Parisian perfume factory.  The girls could choose to follow a recipe for a particular scent (sweet, citrus, musky, flowery) or if they were wanting to be even more creative, they could add their own secret ingredients for a personal scent. I borrowed this set up from my friend but this could easily be copied with a perfume kit from Amazon or etsy.  Here are a few I found in my google search and thought were cute--HearthSong or Scientific Explorer’s Perfumery Kit or Solid Perfume Party Pack.  Or you could switch it up and have them make lip gloss-- Lipgloss Making Kit.

The party moved downstairs to finish the evening with the movie, Madeline.  Hadley wanted to make sure there was enough time to watch the entire movie since the other years they didn’t get to see the ending on her movie night birthday parties.  We were in a tight time crunch but they made it.  Start to finish.  They watched it and gave it raving reviews.  It’s now Mia and Morgan’s favorite movie.

As great as her party was,  I think she would have been just as happy with just this . . . 
It was a really cold and windy afternoon.  The owner told us about a park we could take him to that was only a few miles away.  We got there and saw signs posted everywhere “No dogs allowed in park.”  So we drove across the street and ran around on the grass in front of some business offices.  Morgan had as much fun seeing Zeus again as Hadley.  They ran all around with him until they were too cold and we drove him back to his house.  It was hard to say good bye again but I thought there was a lot of closure with seeing how happy he is in his new home and how much his owner loves him.

In honor of her 11th Birthday -- 11 things that make Hadley unique.

1.  This girl has earned the name of “sister”.  I couldn’t ask for a kinder, more loving big sister to Morgan, Griffin and Mia.  She is always looking for ways to include them and show them love.  She patiently shares a bedroom with Morgan which means a few compromises but she rarely complains.  She takes time to go on bike rides, jump on the trampoline, read books, color and craft with the kids.  She even made one of her birthday gifts and gave it to Morgan for having a good day at school.  And she loves supporting Morgan at her cheering competitions.  She is Morgan’s biggest fan!

2.  She remembers everyone’s birthday in the family and does something to make it special.   I think this is her favorite way to spend her babysitting money . . . on others.

3.  She wanted her own make up for her birthday so she wouldn't have to borrow mine anymore for performances.

4.  She gets to perform in San Francisco this summer with her singing group.

5.  She is always humming.  Background noise makes me stress out so I feel like I am constantly asking her to please stop humming.  But it really is one of my favorite traits.  It’s just one more reminder that she is always happy and positive.

6.  She is independent.

7.  She started babysitting this past year and really enjoys it.  She wanted to do it for free so everyone would call her first.  She’s really excited to babysit her baby cousins one day.

8.  She LOVES to read.  I told her she could see The Hunger Games movie if she had read the book.  She read it in a few days and finished the series before I even started the first book.

9.  She’s now old enough to go to the maturation program at school.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but actually enjoyed the program.  We had a great presenter who made lots of jokes and made it fun and  we both survived.

10.  She’s in her last year of Primary and excited to finally finish everything for her Faith In God award.  I am her Activity Days leader and after a rough start, we’ve got a good thing going and I am loving being in there with her and Morgan.

11.  She’s an early riser, just like her daddy.  She likes to wake up a few hours before she needs to be somewhere to ensure she has enough time to get ready.  She hates being late.  Anywhere.

Happy 11th Birthday to the sweetest girl, Hadley!  We love you!


iColossus / Monster said...

Beautiful job with the party, Heather, really! Hadley sounds like a super awesome daughter and I just love that pic in her beret holding your pretty cake!

Grandma Bethany said...

Another amazing party! Such a wonderful memory for Hadley! I love how Gavin got in on all the fun too!
Hadley deserves Sister of the Year award. Also daughter and grand-daughter of the year as well!
Love our Hadley!

DKAZ said...

Wow, this looks great! Super cute and sophisticated. The chef looks like a perfectly snooty frenchman! However, those little views out of your windows looks SO cold!

Robyn said...

Hi Heather! I finally got back on your blog after a LONG time. Je t'aime la fiesta parisienne (how do you like my french/spanish combo??) It looks FANTASTIC! I am wondering how you did that gorgeous balloon rope across your ceiling?? we are so hoping to relocate out there this summer!! we need two miracles: job and to sell our house :) If you or Gavin have any any any great contacts, will you call me? 817-995-8199 or email ted: He would love to stay with Fidelity or work for Goldman-Sachs, but is up for anything. We would LOVE to hang out one day with you all this summer for sure. Month of July. Hey, I am reading a book you recommended, "BLOOM" about the FL mom who has a down syndrome baby. my eyes have leaked many tears and i have smiled and my heart has ached. Of course, it has made me think of you. There are some quotes to be cherished and shared in that book--I am loving it!!!! Take care!! ~Robyn

Lindsey said...

Hi Heather-

Cute party! I just happened on your blog and love the perfume making idea. My daughter is having a Paris party on Saturday and wants to do the same thing. Can you offer any tip or suggestions on how you did this and where you purchased the supplies? I live in SLC.
Thank you so much!


Lindsey said...

Hi Heather-

Cute party! I just happened on your blog and love the perfume making idea. My daughter is having a Paris party on Saturday and wants to do the same thing. Can you offer any tip or suggestions on how you did this and where you purchased the supplies? I live in SLC.
Thank you so much!


Lindsey said...

Hi Heather-

Cute party! I just happened on your blog and love the perfume making idea. My daughter is having a Paris party on Saturday and wants to do the same thing. Can you offer any tip or suggestions on how you did this and where you purchased the supplies? I live in SLC.
Thank you so much!


Niki Imamura said...

Hi, Heather!

I ran across your daughter's WONDERFUL Paris party on Pinterest while trying to plan my daughter's (11th) Paris themed birthday party!

I love your idea of making perfume! Is there any way you can fill me in on how you went about setting that up? I would so appreciate any help you could offer me!

Thanks so much.