Monday, July 16, 2012

Super Mario

Griffin’s been looking forward to his birthday for months and months.  He was excited to have a “Mario” party and knew exactly what he wanted to do . . . a Late Over.  His older siblings have ‘late overs’ all of the time and watch movies with lots of candy and friends.  He wanted to be part of that fun and wanted to watch a Super Mario movie with all of his friends and his favorite candies . . . cow tales, sour straws and Skor bars.

The invitation.  My photoshop skills are laughable but he loved it and that’s all that counts!

The party guests.  The cute thing about this picture is that most of the kids had a melted chocolate mustache on their face after they posed for the picture in the summer heat.  Bought the Mario hat on ebay and used a candy mold to make the dark mint chocolate mustaches.

The night before the party, Hadley (my party planner) showed Griffin all of these fun Mario games that he could do at his party.  I explained to her that I had already asked him if he wanted to do games when I started planning the party and he had only wanted to do the late over.  Of course, the night before the party he was all excited about the games.  Hadley offered to put together a “Pin the mustache on Mario” game.  She drew Mario and cut out mustaches for the kids to put on the face.   

More mustache fun

After opening gifts, eating cupcakes and ice cream cones it was time for the main event.  Super Mario movie.  The kids all got their box of popcorn, capri-sun and favorite candy and got comfy with their pajamas, pillows and blankies to watch the show.  There’s a reason Super Mario movies don’t make it to the big theaters.  It was terrible but none of the kids seemed to notice.

Party gift bags for the guests.  Each bag had a white chocolate wii remote, chocolate coins and a different Super Mario action figure.  

It was simple but fun.  The kids were all excited to stay up extra late and didn’t understand why it was still light outside when they were going home.  The beauty of summer nights.

Today was his real birthday but after yesterday and waking up with a birthday party hangover and all of the gifts, wrapping paper, boxes and popcorn strewn throughout the house, it was pretty low key.  We woke up and got ready for church.  He opened his Birthday scrapbook-- a digital photo scrapbook from his 5th year.  The gift he asked for several months ago, saying how all he wanted for his birthday was a scrapbook like the one Mia got for her birthday.  The gift I spent hours and hours making.  The gift he didn’t really care to look at after he opened it this morning.  Then we went to church.  Came home and played with all of his new toys.  Skyped with Nan and Papa.  And opened his new scooter, Mario towel and shirt.

In honor of his 6th Birthday, 6 things we love about Griffin:

1.  He discovered online games this past year and loves to play Animal Jam, Club Penguin, Monkey Quest, and Moshi Monsters while talking on the phone with his friends who are playing them at the same time.

2.  He had a great year of school and is ready for First Grade.  His reading skills have taken off this summer and he reading everything he sees.

3.  He hasn’t tried to ride his bike since last year when we took off the training wheels.  He’s happy to ride his scooter everywhere he goes.

4.  He does a great job at making his bed every morning so he can play with friends or on the computer.

5.  His favorite shoes to wear are his red Mickey Mouse crocs that he got 3 years ago.  He claims they just keep growing with his feet.  The shoes are size 10.  His feet are size 13.

6.  He has the highest pitched voice in the house and the cutest giggle ever.

Happy 6th Birthday Griffin!  We love you!


Andrea said...

Low key??? That is an amazing party! Can I be you when I grow up?

Grandma Bethany said...

Love our birthday boy! I would also add how he poses so cute for his pictures...head tilted to the side and his cute crooked smile!
He also has a wonderful mom that goes all out with his party and an amazing scrapbook to help him always remember his fun adventures!

Kristin said...

So cute!