Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Penis envy at it's finest

Everyone told me that it would be a help to Morgan with the toilet training if I was able to toilet train a sibling at the same time. Well Griffin will be 3 next month and has been showing all the signs of being ready so I decided to go for it. It couldn't take up that much more time. I already spend half my day in the bathroom with Morgan. What's another few minutes?

The first week was a little crazy. I think a sibling with similar anatomy may have been a better choice for Morgan. Both of them have been very focused on 'the penis' and Morgan was adamant that she had one and could stand up to pee just like Griffin. She insisted on standing up a few times and letting pee drip down her legs and onto the floor. We finally convinced her that she could sit backwards and that that was almost the same as standing up. Luckily she is now content to do it the old way.

Griffin is still working on getting fully potty trained but it has been so much easier than Morgan. How did I ever complain about potty training with my other kids? It has helped Morgan to have Griffin doing it at the same time. She has made great progress and now tells us when she needs to go (about 80% of the time) "I go potty" and can go 2-3 hours in between bathroom visits.

The penis envy has slightly subsided now but we do still get the occasional "cool penis, Griff" to which he politely says, "thanks" (he knows it's extremely cool and that Morgan can't have one!) as he finishes his business.We've also finally been successful with teaching Griffin he does not have to stick his head through the lifted toilet seat and put his hands all over the toilet bowl.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures for NYC Buddy Walk

Show Your Photo to New York

19/06/2009 - Callouts/Grants/Competitions

Call Out : National : Deadline 15 July 09: National Down Syndrome Society in New York invites submissions of photos showcasing individuals with Down Syndrome for Time Square Video Contest.

Video compiled from images from all over the world will be aired on a jumbo screen in the heart of New York - Times Square on 26 September, 2009 at 10:30 am. The New York City Buddy Walk, that will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year, immediately will follow the video presentation at the Great Hill in Central Park.

Each year The National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) receives thousands of photo submissions for the Times Square Video Contest. Because the Buddy Walk promotes acceptance and inclusion of individuals with Down Syndrome, the winning photographs feature children, teens and adults with Down Syndrome working, playing, and learning with friends and family.

One photo per individual can be submitted.When: Deadline for submitting photos is 15 July 09, the show is 26 September 09.

Where: Times Square, New York, USA

Who: General public

More info: Contact Rebecca Switalski, National Buddy Walk Director, NDSS at timessquarevideo@ndss.org


Saturday, June 6, 2009


We had a great Mother's Day weekend in Idaho. . . Yes, Idaho! Gavin's brother, Jeff, invited us to go with his family to a beautiful resort in Ashton, Idaho for 4 days. We enjoyed the beautiful outdoors, good ol' Mother Nature, feeding fish, seeing baby bears, big hamburgers at Judd's, watching videos, ping pong, hottubbing, playing at the park, pizza dessert at Craigo's and spending time with the family (and lots of vomit from Nixon who was sick the entire time).

We spent our first day at Upper Mesa Falls

Before the short hike to the falls

Jeff and Rae & kids

All the cousins at the snow pole (ignore Jack's face--it's impossible to get a regular picture of him or any of his friends. Apparently it is cool to do stupid faces whenever someone tries to take a picture).

Gavin and Mia at Mesa Falls

Picture op at the Falls

Throwing bread to the fish at Warm River

The next day we drove to Yellowstone National Park. We have the Golden Access Passport that allows free entrance into National Parks for Morgan and her family. Thanks Morgan!

Geyser activity in the park

We saw lots of wildlife --bisons, deers and birds. No bears...but the highlight of the trip for Ryan was when we saw this wolf walking on the road next to our car.

Hanging out at Old Faithful

Hadley and Matisse know how to relax after a long day in the car--enjoying the amazing view of Henry's Fork while chillaxin' in the hottub

Our view from the deck
We spent one day in Rexburg playing at the park.  And we followed the advice of all the billboards and gave mom the best "Mother's Day" possible and went to Bear World on our way back home.  And it was a dream come true!  (More pics coming...maybe)

Technical Difficulties

I feel like I am in limbo--somewhere in between the pc world and mac world.  I was so excited to get a new computer for Mother's Day and decided to try a mac since I primarily use the computer for photos and DVDs (and maybe a little bit of blog reading, facebooking, and tweeting).  It has been a very frustrating transition for me.  I am still unable to download images to my blog. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't.  Who has time to try for over an hour to get photos to download?  Not me!  So I have lots of updates that I wish I could do.  Yellowstone.  Bear Lake.  San Francisco.  Jack's play.  My amazing husband.  End of school.  6th grade graduation.  Maybe one day.  At least I get to enjoy all of your great updates!