Saturday, June 6, 2009


We had a great Mother's Day weekend in Idaho. . . Yes, Idaho! Gavin's brother, Jeff, invited us to go with his family to a beautiful resort in Ashton, Idaho for 4 days. We enjoyed the beautiful outdoors, good ol' Mother Nature, feeding fish, seeing baby bears, big hamburgers at Judd's, watching videos, ping pong, hottubbing, playing at the park, pizza dessert at Craigo's and spending time with the family (and lots of vomit from Nixon who was sick the entire time).

We spent our first day at Upper Mesa Falls

Before the short hike to the falls

Jeff and Rae & kids

All the cousins at the snow pole (ignore Jack's face--it's impossible to get a regular picture of him or any of his friends. Apparently it is cool to do stupid faces whenever someone tries to take a picture).

Gavin and Mia at Mesa Falls

Picture op at the Falls

Throwing bread to the fish at Warm River

The next day we drove to Yellowstone National Park. We have the Golden Access Passport that allows free entrance into National Parks for Morgan and her family. Thanks Morgan!

Geyser activity in the park

We saw lots of wildlife --bisons, deers and birds. No bears...but the highlight of the trip for Ryan was when we saw this wolf walking on the road next to our car.

Hanging out at Old Faithful

Hadley and Matisse know how to relax after a long day in the car--enjoying the amazing view of Henry's Fork while chillaxin' in the hottub

Our view from the deck
We spent one day in Rexburg playing at the park.  And we followed the advice of all the billboards and gave mom the best "Mother's Day" possible and went to Bear World on our way back home.  And it was a dream come true!  (More pics coming...maybe)


tekeal said...

wow, looks beautiful! still a place i'd like to visit...

Beverly said...

looks so beautiful! We would love to go some day. Thanks for the pass info!

Brittany said...

That looks like so much fun! We went to yellowstone 2 years ago, need to go back though!

JaybirdNWA said...

looks as though you guys had a great time. Our kids always have a great time when all the cousins get together no matter where they are. Yellowstone is one of our favorites also.

Kiki said...

So we are going to yellowstone next week---how exactly do we get this pass? When I looked at the link it sounded like we just take documentation form a doctor to the park to obtain it-is that true? Thanks for the input!

Chris said...

Great photos. I'm from CT, seeing these makes me want to take a trip out West.

The Gardener said...

Wow, you guys have a beautiful family! I some how linked into your site from someone off my brothers site. Good to see that you're doing so well. Gavin, please give your Mom a big hug for me. Genevieve Springer (Gennie Brimhall)

heather said...

Kiki- You get the pass at the entrance of the park. I never received any documentation regarding Morgan's diagnosis so I just ask them if they want to see her. They never do. Maybe that is an embarrassing question.:). Have a great time!

Heidi Reid said...

We love Bear World! We had scheduled about two hours and ended up staying there for four. Glad you had a great trip!

Ria said...

What a wonderful family vacation! Great photos! I hope to take Matthew there when he's older.