Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mia is 4!

Mia Kate is four years old and growing up so quickly.  There is so much growth and change that happens in the 4th year.  Last year she was my little shadow and depended on me for everything.  She was shy and quiet.  Quickly hiding in my arms when anyone tried to talk to her.  She still seemed more like a toddler than a big girl.  She was wearing diapers and using sippy cups.  She needed her blanket before she could go to sleep each night.  This past year was full of independence, change and growth for Mia.  She knows what she wants and isn’t scared to go for it.  

It took lots of attempts but she finally figured out the potty training thing last fall and got to say goodbye to diapers!  She likes to get herself dressed in the mornings all by herself and has come up with some great wardrobe combinations.  The other changes were so gradual that I’m not sure when they happened.  Just one day she no longer hid in my arms but was willing to venture out on her own, although she still does the twisted tongue and fingers in the mouth from time to time.  She no longer wanted to use sippy cups and the blanket was good in her bed but not a necessity. She’s got spunk and full of personality.  

We started the birthday celebrations with a Sunday dinner and party at Grandma and Grandpa’s house a few days before her big day.

Her birthday was full of celebrations.  She started off the morning with her favorite cereal (Cookie Crisp).  Opened her gifts.  A birthday song and then it was time for Preschool.

I spent the last few months working on a digital scrapbook for her birthday.  This was by far her favorite gift.  As soon as she opened it, Griffin asked if he could get a scrapbook for his birthday too.  Such a great keepsake.  Just wish they didn’t take so many hours to make!  Heres’ the link to her book in case you wanted a peek inside . . . 

Ice cream sandwiches and a birthday song at Preschool with all of her friends

She went right from preschool to her my favorite place, Chick-Fil-A.  She really wanted “Old McDonald’s” but all of her friends begged her to please go to CFA.  Being a nice friend (and some convincing from mom) she decided to save McD’s for another day.

Preschool friends -- Abi (cousin), Clair and Hallie

About a month before her birthday, a Groupon offer arrived in my email for 10 all day passes to Jungle Jim’s.  Done deal!  It was probably the easiest, non-stress party ever.  I may have been a little too laid back about the party.  I didn’t even think about party gifts for the guests until a few minutes before the party, way too late to do anything about it.   At least I remembered the cake.  Princess cake, of course!

She loved Jungle Jim’s.  This was her first time there and the rides are all the perfect speed for the 3-5 year old crowd.  They went on all of the rides over and over again and even took a break to climb around in the slide area.

I subscribed to a photography blog that gives you ideas of new things to try each day with your camera.     The idea that came on Mia’s birthday was to slow down the shutter speed on action shots and enjoy the blur that comes with the speed, instead of a sharp picture.  Unfortunately I attempted the slow shutter speed on most of her pics this night.  Still trying to enjoy the blur.  There’s an art to choosing how slow the shutter should be.  Less is probably more in this case.  Good to know.  This is the action shot that you can see faces.

Cousins: Abi, Lilly and Grace.  And big sis, Morgan

The party guests

One happy girl.  Princess cake.  Cinderella candle. Birthday party.  Friends.  Cousins.  Grandparents.  Family.  Presents.   Amusement park rides.  Birthdays don’t get much better than that!

In honor of her 4th birthday, 4 things you might not know about Mia:

1.  She constantly asks, “What’s that smell?”  Unfortunately I have no sense of smell and usually can’t answer this reoccurring question.

2.   She’s a coloring fool.  She spends hours and hours coloring in her favorite coloring books.  She likes to show everyone her final work and asks, “Does it look like I scribbled?”  Just fishing for another compliment.

3.  She has quite an imagination and loves playing dress up.  Her bedroom floor is usually covered in all of her dress up clothes every day.

4.  One of her favorite morning rituals is to run into my bathroom to look at herself in the full length mirror just to make sure her outfit for the day is just right.  Not sure how I ended up with such a diva.

Happy 4th Birthday Mia!  We love you!

Mia’s been so excited to finally turn 4 years old.
This is our conversation on her birthday morning:
Me:  Mia, you’re 4 years old!
Mia: Am I 4 years old now?
Me:  Yes!
Mia:  Do I still start with “M”?
Me:  Yes
Mia:  Then I’m 3!