Monday, January 13, 2014

Lalaloopsy Birthday

Finally getting a minute to post about Mia's Lalaloopsy 6th birthday party.  She loves to read all about her birthdays and loves scrapbooks.  The scrapbook will take a little longer than a blog post so at least I can come through on the birthday post before she has another birthday. 

Lalaloopsy Birthday Invitation

I surprised her on her birthday with the Lalaloopsy costume, Pillow, to wear to her party.  Seriously, how cute is she in that purple wig?  So cute that I convinced her to wear this costume 10 months later for Halloween.

It’s always a rush to open presents, eat breakfast and make it out the door in time for school.  She got lots of Lalaloopsy dolls, roller skates, loom bracelet kit and a few other surprises.

The birthday girl

The party decorations were pretty easy since she loves Lalaloopsy dolls and her room is full of them. I brought out all of her Lalaloopsy dolls and toys and used them as the centerpieces.  I made the cake with fondant buttons, ribbons,  quilting tool and Lalaloopsy candle.

Hot glued colorful buttons onto fake flowers and made candy button lollipops to give to each party guest.

Hadley read a Lalaloopsy book as we waited for all of the guests to arrive then we divided into three groups to go to different craft stations.  

Station #1:  Button Bracelets
This was a great activity for this age.  They each picked out their favorite button colors (I picked up all of the buttons at Michael’s in the dollar bin section) to make a pattern for their bracelet.  I used clear, stretchy string for them to string through the button holes and then tied it off to make a bracelet.

Station #2: Picture Frames 
I took a picture of each party guest with Mia as they arrived to the party.  I used that picture to put inside the Lalaloopsy frame they would make at the party.  I used $1 wood frames from Michael’s and painted them in several different color options a few days before the party (I learned the hard way from Hadley’s American Girl party that it is best to have the frames pre-painted so the girls can start right away on decorating the frames and not have to wait for paint to dry).  The girls chose the frame with their favorite color and started decorating them with gluing buttons and mod podging a Lalaloopsy picture on them.

Station #3: Shrinky Dinks Necklace
I grew up doing Shrinky Dinks and thought it would be fun for Mia and her friends to witness the magic of Shrinky Dinks.  The girls traced and colored their favorite Lalaloopsy onto the special magical paper and then cut them out and put them on the baking tray to go into the oven. Only a few minutes later, a cute little charm came back out of the oven, ready to put on their chain for a necklace.  For this project, I bought just the Shrinky Dinks paper at Michael’s (much cheaper than buying the whole kit) and used regular colored pencils and bought a bag of chains for the necklaces.

Birthday girl and cake.  
Love how she looks up to think about her birthday wish before blowing out the candle.

After the presents were all opened, they finished up the the party with a Lalaloopsy movie (rented from our local library).

Parting Gifts:
Mia helped me pick out what she wanted to to put in the gift bags.  Each girl took home her picture frame, buttons, Lalaloopsy hair clip, coloring book, button bracelet, Shrinky Dinks necklace and a button lollipop.

Mia loved every minute of her birthday and started planning her next birthday party that night.  I, on the other hand, wasn’t ready to start thinking about next year quite yet.  One party is enough for me in one day.

In honor of her 6th birthday . . .  6 random things about Mia:

1.  She started Kindergarten this year and loves school and learning.  She spends most of her free time drawing, coloring and writing.

2.  She lost her first tooth on Thanksgiving morning.  She wasn’t eating very much for several weeks because she said it hurt too much with her wiggly tooth.  I wanted to her to be able to feast with us on Thanksgiving so that morning I surprised her by pulling it out when she thought I was just checking to see how wiggly it was.  She wasn’t ready to part with her tooth quite yet and shed some tears over the missing tooth.

3.  After begging me to put her in dance for several years, I finally enrolled her in a kindergarten dance class.

4.  We found out at a routine dentist appointment that Mia was tongue tied.  They numbed up her mouth and then lasered under her tongue.  She was so brave even though she could still feel a lot of the pain through the numbing.

5.  Mia is my little lunch buddy.  She goes to morning kindergarten and I pick her up at 11:20 each day just in time for lunch.  Her favorite lunch spot is a Vietnamese restaurant and her favorite food is Pho without the meat or veggies--just broth with noodles.

6.  She loves roller skating and spends most of her time roller skating around the house.

Happy 6th Birthday to our little Mia Kate!  We love you!