Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mini Vacation

I couldn’t resist a quick getaway when our neighbors invited us to join them in Park City this week.  We stayed at The Canyons Resort at the Hyatt.  It was beautiful.  All of it.  The hotel.  The weather.  The mountains.  The friends.  The view.  I was ready to move in for the rest of the summer.

We did lots of swimming.  Mainly in the hot tubs.

Finally got the boat our for the first adventure this summer.  Everyone was all smiles and excited until the boat died minutes after backing it into the water.  Gavin paddled us over to the dock and Stacy got the boat tied up.

After several attempts to get it started, Gavin noticed the kill button was on.  After fixing that minor technicality we were good to go and back on the water.

Griffin was excited to try waterskiing this year after hearing his younger friend say she was going to do it.  He was all smiles and couldn’t wait . . . then he got into the freezing cold water.

And the smiles turned into high pitched screams.

Morgan loves the boat.  And asks over and over for her turn to ride in the tube.  Once she’s in the tube there’s lots of “wahoo!”s and  “this is awesome!”

The Canyons Resort has a free concert every Friday night at the resort.  It was a beautiful night with great music.  The kids had fun dancing, hula hooping, playing in the sand and riding the free standing chair lift.

Morgan was a little freaked out by the see through floor while we were cruising through the sky but loved it when she wasn’t looking down.

Park City is one of my favorite places to visit in the summer.  And it’s only 20 minutes away.  What a great few days to get away and enjoy our mountains.


Jazzaholic said...

Those skis are just what Grampa needs to get up, and I'd probably have the same reaction.

Daphne Michaels said...

What a great mini vacation! In fact, if I may say so, it doesn’t look like a mini vacation at all because you did a lot of fun activities. I can see on your kids’ faces that they enjoyed it so much. Well, I’d go so far as to say this won’t be your only visit to the place. I, too, would definitely go back here for more adventures!

*Daphne Michaels