Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa and Pneumonia

Go to the mall to see Santa
Advent Calendar Day 10

We went with all the Stewart cousins to the mall for a yummy dinner at the courtyard (my kids love this because they get to choose whichever restaurant sounds good to them) and then to see Santa. Well this was at South Town mall where they have the real Santa so it had quite a line up to sit on Santa's lap. Griffin didn't want to have anything to do with him and Morgan didn't want to leave him alone. She kept rubbing his arm and hugging him. Santa really is her absolute all-time favorite! I just hope that since this was the real Santa that he understood how much it meant to her to sit on his lap and give him a big hug.

After we got home from the mall, Ryan was complaining about his cough. And that he just wished there was some medicine to make it go away. (I blogged about him being sick on Friday and missing school). I gave him some Benadryl to help him sleep and decided to check his oxygen levels (a benefit of being a home health nurse with a bag full of healthcare goodies) and found out he was very low--84% (He should be above 90%). I took him to the pediatric instacare at 9 pm and they immediately put him on oxygen, gave him three albuterol treatments and took some x-rays. When he didn't do any better after all of that they sent him up to the Children's Hospital by ambulance. They refused to let me drive him since he needed to be on the oxygen during transport. We got to the ER around midnight and they did some more albuterol treatments and oxygen and then we waited...and waited...and waited... Finally after 6 hours of sitting in the ER room by ourselves and talking to the doctor for maybe 2 minutes, they admitted him to the hospital and we were able to sleep and sleep and sleep. He is doing well but still needs the oxygen. We are hoping that he will be able to come home in the morning once the antibiotics have kicked in. It looks like he has Atypical Bacterial Pneumonia. He just wants to come home and get into his own bed. Gavin is spending the night up there tonight so hopefully I will be able to get a little rest. I just feel bad that I didn't check Ryan earlier. We had him play in his Basketball game on Saturday. He went to the Advent calendar activities, church on Sunday, etc. He is such a trooper and really never complained! He just wished he could make his cough go away! Here he is at the pediatric instacare getting oxygen

This picture is from this morning at the hospital. He loves the room service and desserts!


Scarehaircare said...

NO! Poor guy, I hope he gets released soon. Don't get mom-guilt over this. You do not deserve the Worst Mama Ever Award. The pic of Santa was darling. I need to get the kids out to our mall soon. HOpe you all feel better!

Grandma Bethany said...

What a great picture with Santa!
Gosh, Ryan, I am so sorry you are having trouble with your cough and breathing...definitely not fun. How great, though, that you have a mom that knew you needed to go to the hospital.
We are all excited for you to get better and come to our Santa and family party here on Sunday.

Heidi Rushing said...

okay that is the cutest picture of Morgan! I bet that made Santa's day too.