Friday, December 7, 2007


Watch a Christmas Video

Advent Calendar Day 6

Last night's activity wasn't too exciting since Gavin had scouts and a Roundtable meeting. We watched (well I actually mopped the floor, but the kids watched) Elf last night. Through the whole movie, Jack & Ryan kept asking if they could just go outside and play basketball. It didn't seem to matter that it was dark and raining outside. But I did anything a good, diligent mom would do...and made my kids watch tv! :) Ryan kept saying he was cold (I can never tell if it really is cold in the house since I have my only little built-in heater for a few more weeks) and put his coat on while he ate dinner. Well it looks like he has the stomach flu. He woke up sick, feverish and throwing up. It is definitely not fun to be sick!

My kids all just got elfed!! I don't know if you have seen this before but it is pretty funny! Hadley's head is a little bigger and I could only do 4 elves...sorry Griffin.

OK so I decided Griffin could get elfed with Gavin and me (and I am looking good for 8 mos. pregnant!!)

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Brittany said...

My friend showed me that elfyourself a few weeks ago and it is really quite funny. Hope Ry feels better!