Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Christmas Story

Read Christmas stories around the tree
Advent Calendar Day 5

Last night as we were driving to the Nativity and the kids were fighting in the car, Gavin commented that he could not and did not want to go out and do something every night of December! So, magically, this morning the Advent Calendar Fairy left a message about doing something that did not require leaving our home. Tonight we let the kids choose a Christmas story to read before going to bed. We started the activity around 9 pm and didn't have any idea it would take almost an hour to read 3 stories. We should have known by Hadley's question when they started to choose their books. She asked us which book we thought would take the longest time to read. Apparently they were very excited to drag this out as long as they could to delay bedtime. After they all had a chance to read their books, Hadley, once again trying to stay up even later, asked if we (Gavin and I) were choosing a book and reading it. "Oh, dang it!" was her response when we told her 'no'. Can't blame her for trying! :)

(Sorry there aren't any pictures of Morgan and Griffin. We started this activity way too late and they were both already asleep).

As you can tell by Ryan & Jack's Jazz jerseys. We had to wait for them and Coach Gavin to get home from Jr. Jazz practice before we could do the activity. That is why it was so late when we finally got started.

We were able to learn all about how Santa's kid saved Christmas one year from the Exmas Express by believing in something bigger than he was. We read all about Mrs. Claus and Santa in Mrs. Claus' scrapbook (full of lots of details that Jack was determined to not overlook). And then we finished the night with a cute story about the angels preparing for the big show...Jesus' birth.

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Brittany said...

looks like lots of fun. I am enjoying the daily updates. I love when people update their blogs often, even though I don't. I just don't really have that much going on sadly enough!