Saturday, December 1, 2007

Holiday Traditions

I can't believe it is already December and that it is time to get out all the Christmas decorations!! I have had so much fun shopping for Christmas decorations and getting some fun new stuff for our house this year. Christmastime is such a fun time of year for our family. The holiday season is so full of fun traditions. I thought I would share one of my favorite traditions that we do.

It is our 'Advent Calendar Fairy'. Each morning one child gets to open up the advent calendar door for the day and hang up the item on the calendar and then read the activity for the day that the Advent Calendar Fairy left for them. Some years I am much better at keeping up at this then others, so hopefully this year will be one of the better ones. Jack was the one that got to open up the first door on Dec. 1st. He looked at the note that was written on a piece of white paper and said, "Will you let the Advent Calendar Fairy (in a very sarcastic voice) know that I liked the notes better last year when they were on red paper?"

Morgan is so excited for Christmas and loves all the decorations, music and lights....but most of all she absolutely LOVES Santa. She was mesmerized by this Santa at her grandparent's house.

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Grandma Bethany said...

How special is our little Morgan with Santa?? Oh the magic of Christmas and children!
I loved the season when my own children were little and love it even more now that we have grandchildren and can experience their joy!