Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Explanation of Morgan's video

Morgan loves to sing this song and always sings it when we are driving around in the car. I decided I needed to record it so I could remember how cute she looks singing it. She wasn't too sure about doing it with the video camera on her. She even decided she was "all done" until I turned the screen around so she could watch herself--then she decided to become a total ham.


Scarehaircare said...

OH. MY. HEAVENS!!! That was darling! Lauren loved seeing her friend on the computer. Merry Christmas!

Grandma Bethany said...

Oh how I love that little girl! She is so cute when she says, "All done!" So cute how she started singing again with the same enthusiasm. I especially loved her enthusiastic 'Santa'!

kEnNedY said...

okay Morgan is super cute! I love her "when santa comes to town." looks like you all had a fun christmas too, how fun! :-D