Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

This Christmas season, and the traditions that go along with it, have been a little different this year with the tragic death of Jason. We didn't know for sure if we wanted to still do the gift exchange with all the Seal cousins this year, but decided it would be nice to all get together on Christmas Eve for a more spiritual gift exchange. We went to Trevor (Gavin's brother) and Annie's house for a nice dinner, cousin gift exchange and then Aunt Rae read a story to all the kids about the Three Wise men and we gave our kids a 'red gift' which represented something spiritual or sentimental (Hadley opened a CTR necklace, Jack & Ryan opened scripture stickers and marking pencils, Morgan opened a book I am a Child of God). Then we gave them a 'green gift' which represented something of necessity (they all got their Christmas pajamas for this one). Then as the story went on they were given their 'gold gift' which represented something fun and worldly (my kids all got a DVD). The story continued with the fourth wise man that wasn't able to give Jesus a gift but learned he could give by serving and loving others. It was a nice evening with family and the spirit of Christmas. Then it was time to try to get my overly-excited children to bed before Santa came to our home.

Aunt Rae reading the Three Wiseman book

Morgan and Hadley with a few of their cousins

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