Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Did Santa come yet?

That is the question Jack and Ryan both asked as they came into our room on Christmas morning. Is it wrong that I make them wait until 8 am to open presents? I just hate to wake up Morgan and Griffin any earlier and deal with tired kids all day (it's bad enough that the family has to deal with a tired and cranky mom all day!) We went downstairs and everyone seemed very excited with the gifts Santa had left for them! Jack and Ryan got the nintendo wii game system and games they were so desperately hoping for; Hadley got her first American Girl doll (Julie) with a doll horse and salon chair; Morgan got a Baby Alive doll and LOTS of Barney videos!; Griffin was happy with the wrapping paper and some new toys; I got a beach cruiser bike--that I am so excited to ride when my tummy isn't quite as big and there isn't so much snow outside; and Gavin got clothes, a scrapbook from our vacations last year, and sunglasses.

Hadley is showing off my new beach cruiser!

We then went to my parents for a Christmas brunch and more gift exchanging.

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Brittany said...

Love the video of morgan, I also love the picture of Gavin right behind the martinelli's!