Sunday, December 2, 2007

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

'Open a special Christmas present'
Advent Calendar Day Two

This picture was taken while Griffin was still napping so of course I had to take another one after he woke up!

The kids were really excited about this one. What could the present be? Jack and Ryan kept talking about how they hoped it was a Ninentdo Wii with Guitar Hero. I tried to remind them that it wasn't actually Christmas morning yet...but just a fun Christmas present to open. I think they were still excited to get new Christmas stockings even if it didn't compare to some great video gaming system.

Gavin has wanted Christmas stockings with all of our names on them for many years. So I finally found some that I thought were cute and decided to order them. After I got them all hung up on the fireplace mantel, I realized it is going to be quite tight next year with 8 stockings! :) It is so fun to see all those names hanging on our mantel and know that that is my big family. I love my children and husband so very much! I am so lucky!


Brittany said...

Way too cute. I love it. You'll have to share this advent calendar with me that I have been hearing so much about. It sounds like a lot of fun. It did crack me up they Ryan thought he would get a wii on dec. 2. Sure Ryan here you go, and tomorrow a trip to disneyland!

kEnNedY said...

I love christmas! I always hang lights up in my room and play holiday tunes asap once thanksgiving is over to prepare for the christmas eve campout all the siblings have in my room--but sadly I haven't got to that yet! With all my homework and dance I don't have any free time and if I do I update my blog! Your house looks cute and very seasonal. Tell everyone Merry Christmas for me!