Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 1-- Advent Calendars and Star Wars

I can't believe it's already December-- which means the tradition of the advent calendar fairy is back. It's going to harder to do an activity each day with how busy all of our evening schedules are but we are going to do our best to try to get some sort of activity in each night.

Day 1

Get chocolate advent calendars and have Family Home Evening with The Prudens -- Eat dinner and watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope

I realize the Star Wars phenomenon is kinda over, but we were a little late catching it. We just barely watched the first 3 episodes of Star Wars and are now trying to finish the series. It has been really fun to watch them with the kids. They know all about them from their Lego Star Wars video games. I'm surprised how much I have liked the shows because I am NOT a sci-fi/fantasy girl. I'd much rather watch a romantic comedy, but I am loving these. I had only seen Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back when I was young and can't remember anything from either of them so I am excited to finish the series and see if Darth Vader returns to the good side and becomes 'the chosen one' again. And I don't want any spoilers. Jack has already tried his best to tell me what happens. But I'd like to wait and see it for myself.


Brittany said...

We had so much fun last night! Grace had to bring her dress to look like princess Leia and she was so excited to play with your kids. Since she doesn't have any older siblings I think she really loves being around Jack and Ryan. Thanks for having us over!

heather said...

The first thing Morgan said when she woke up was "Where's Abi? (My response) Oh. Where's Jamie?" She definitely loves her baby cousin!

Heidi Rushing said...

wait, the star wars phenomena is over???? no one told us! I love those movies and they make great FHE lessons - I learned most the gospel principles from those movies!