Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 14-- Christmas Party

Christmas Party at Grandma and Grandpa Stewart's house

I am the cute little girl on the right that looks like a boy in a dress. The one that my baby brother is staring at --maybe he doesn't like my hand position on my popsicle or he just wants my popsicle!

My favorite Christmas tradition happens to be the one my sweet grandma Norma started many years ago. She loved Christmas-- the songs, especially Silent Night (at least she cried every time she sang it with us so I am guessing it was out of love and not that our voices made her sad), our Christmas Eve program from Luke 2, serving and giving to others, and the surprise visit from Santa. I looked forward to this party at my grandma's house all year --seeing all my cousins, exchanging Christmas gifts, playing songs on the piano for the program, and the anticipation of the real Santa's visit. My mom has continued this tradition at her home now that Grandma Norma has passed away. She had a house full of relatives--my aunts, uncles, and cousins (and their children)--I think it was around 75 people this year.

Jack asked Santa for a new Nintendo DS and the Nintendogs game

Ryan wants a teddy bear hamster

Hadley asked Santa for a barbie house

When Santa asked Morgan what she wanted him to bring her, she responded "Christmas!" That is really all she needs to be happy. Well that and scissors. She also absolutely LOVES scissors!! She found some during the party and cut two holes in her new Christmas dress and gave her bangs another little trim. Thank goodness-- they were getting really long and outta hand since her last self-haircut 3 months ago!

Griffin wants puzzles. He LOVES puzzles and spends all day taking them apart and putting them together. He is helping Morgan get better at doing puzzles too. She used to not have any interest in trying the harder puzzles (without pegs) but now that she watches Griffin do them all day she has been able to do some of the harder ones too! Yea for siblings!

Mia just wanted to get away. This is after she managed to squirm off his lap!

As we were getting the kids dressed for church in their new Christmas clothes, we realized Jack's and Ryan's Christmas sweaters still fit them from last year so we could just take back the new ones and have them wear the same ones again this year. Then Jack let us know that he has worn that same sweater for more than one year. Here is the proof:

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2006


Emily said...

Great pictures! You are so fortunate to have such an awesome family! And you sure know how to make the most the most out of the holidays!

Beverly said...

Looks like so much fun and great memories for the kids! All your kids are so cute!

Brittany said...

Love the picture of you giving the camera the bird. I thought it was so cute when Morgan asked Santa for Christmas. How easy kids are to make happy at Christmas!

Heidi Rushing said...

Love the old picture of us! It looks just like Ryan in a dress! I had never noticed you flipping the bird but you were obviously very upset about something!

heather said...

I was actually thinking I looked like Griffin but Ryan works too! :)

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

What are you talking about?! You look exactly like Hadley would look if she were flipping the bird. . . and had a boy haircut. :)

grandma bethany said...

O.K...I guess if the 'boy haircut' is the worst thing I did as a mother, I mustn't have been too bad :)