Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 8--Christmas House

Drive around and see the Christmas lights and hear the music on the 'Christmas house'

Hadley wanted a better view so decided to get out of the car even though she was only in shorts from her basketball practice. This house is next door to the real Christmas house. It has good lights but nothing like the other house. Not sure why I didn't get a picture of the other house. but just imagine lights everywhere, synchronized to music, Rudolph singing the words, Santa in the window waving to the children, a big angel on the top of the house, reindeer flying up to the sky, bubble machines, and a electric light band. Yah...pretty cool! I'm pretty sure Gavin is totally planning on doing the same thing to our house next year!

Everybody hanging out in the car, enjoying the light show

Look who joined us...The Debrys!

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Heidi Rushing said...

you are good to keep this up - I gave up - not one night since the first of Dec have we all been home together to do anything. Weekends are our only hope, that and Obe-won of course!

I tagger you in my blog - just what you wanted for christmas I am sure!