Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Show me a sign


Mia is talking more and more--mama, dada, and nigh nigh (night night). Our all time favorite has been this cute little sound of "mmmmmmmm" she makes when she wants something to eat. But this morning she decided to take it one step further and signed "more" during her breakfast.


grandma bethany said...

Oh that is so cute. When I was tending her a few weeks ago, I noticed her signing for more too. I wondered if it was a coincidence...obviously not!

Toni Mehraban said...

I love that I can communicate with Roya with sign language. Just make sure that anyone who cares for Mia knows the signs she can do. I just realized that Roya's daycare providers don't know sign language and that could be a reason why she's biting - trying to communicate and no one knows! Anyway - it was good to see you this weekend.

Scarehaircare said...

WTG, Mia! Send that clip to Signing Time! Mia is going to be the next ST! star. :)

Amy said...

Oh, Heather, she's SO beautiful! What a little doll.

I love the family picture at the top. Great colors and layout. I meant to copy you and the photo shoot went downhill so fast that I forgot :)