Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 7--Temple Square

Go to Temple Square and see the lights with grandma and grandpa and Stewart cousins

Jack took this great picture of the temple peeking through the trees and lights

We went to Temple Square last night with everyone else in the valley! I wanted to go while we were still having warm weather. And I think a lot of others had the same idea. It was really crowded but we had a great time! It was a beautiful evening and not too cold (in the 40's). We were able to walk around the temple for awhile, take some pictures, hang out, see the nativity, go in the Visitor's Center, listen to the program at The Christus, watch Luke 2, and best of all -- just enjoy being with family!

Gavin & I have a picture just like this from our wedding except we are in our wedding clothes and it is practically lifesize on my mom's wall
Our family with Chad's family, Blake, grandma and grandpa

And of course--My cute family!
What happened to Day 6? It got lost somewhere between the shuffle of 3 Jr. Jazz basketball games, arriving too late to our ward Christmas breakfast, a baby shower, and planning Sharing Time and a primary lesson. We had to settle for family breakfast at McD's! The kids thought it was the best breakfast ever--"We should do this every morning!"

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Kerry said...

I am jealous of the trip to Temple Square! My kids have never seen the lights there (we never go home for Christmas - too many illnesses!) Tell Jack he took a darn good pic of the lights! Your new family pictures are beautiful - six kids looks like a lot! :) (I am sure it feels like it too!) As for my card, I'm using #3 - it looked more like wisemen which is what I was going for! Yours is almost in the mail :)