Friday, December 26, 2008

The countdown to Christmas

Wow! I know this has been a busy time of year for everyone and I feel a little guilty admitting this but I am so relieved to have Christmas over. I kinda fell behind on my advent calendar blogging and even though Christmas is over I am going to finish out the activities that led to Christmas. This year may have been the best so far at actually carrying out the activity every night. We stayed really busy . . . not too sure if all the busyness helped us focus on Christmas or just kept us really busy so hopefully next year we'll be better at making the activities more centered around service and help keep us focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

Day 19--Dinner and Gift exchange with Gavin's family

We went out to dinner with all the adult couples and Nan

Gift exchange time at Trevor's and Annie's house. Little did we know when this picture was taken that we were sitting in some prime seats! Trevor's 2 year old quickly let us know that we were sitting on his car's road and continually asked us all night if we could please move.

Jill is laughing hysterically at the great boxers she got from Gavin--straight from Rome. If you've been to Italy than you are very familiar with all the merchandise available with artwork from the Statue of David! It was a very fun night and I think everyone enjoyed the gifts they got in the exchange.

Day 20--Dinner and a Christmas video with the Ware family

Day21--Go to The Messiah

Gavin took Jack, Ryan and Hadley to the Messiah at our stake center for a nice Sunday evening activity. They only lasted through the first act of three and then came home. Apparently it was a little too much 'opera' for my kids. Maybe next year...or maybe not.

Day 22-- Make chocolate dipped pretzels with Nan in the day
Nan with her grandkids
Peter Breinholt Christmas concert in the evening

We took Jack, Ryan and Hadley downtown to the concert. We first had dinner at PF Chang's and then walked next door to the theater. It was a really fun concert and my kids loved it! Ryan said it was his favorite activity of the month. They are at an age where they now appreciate musical talent and recognize the hard work that comes with mastering an instrument and really enjoyed the vocals, piano, guitars, keyboard, banjos, bass, etc. It was a really fun night!

And of course we couldn't have had this much fun without the Ware's!

Jack, Addie, Hadley, Emma and Ryan

Day 23--Deliver neighbor gifts

It wasn't the most creative neighbor gift but doesn't everyone enjoy a little bubbly (in cello wrap and ribbon) over the holidays?


Scarehaircare said...

Envy over the Peter Brienholt concert. Love his music! We were too busy to keep up with your Christmas countdown. One of these years I would love to add that to our family traditions. This year it was hard enough keeping up with St. Lucia and making treats.

Heidi Rushing said...

I love the sparkling cider idea! Anything that isn't a cookie or fudge works for me! I did cheese balls and crackers this year. I know it is done with love but I get so tired of all the sweets brought tot he house all at once.