Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 18 --Glee Club

Go watch Jack perform in the Glee Club at school

Jack was in the 5th and 6th grade Christmas choir at school again this year. He had to wake up and be to school an hour early three times a week for the past few months for choir practice. He did much better this year compared to last year. And got up most mornings all on his own with his alarm clock. The choir went to some fun locations this past week--the children's hospital, nursing homes, UDOT, and our local grocery store--Dan's (I didn't go to that performance, but Gavin did and apparently had a good time--another mom informed me tonight that Gavin was able to spend most of the time 'catching up' with an ex-girlfriend who's daughter was also in the choir! :) We got to go watch him perform tonight at his school and he did great! It's crazy to see him on the stage with all of his friends and think back to the Christmas preschool programs. It just doesn't seem that long ago and here he goes next year off to junior high! So crazy!

Here he is singing about Santa being on a vacation or something like that

The Glee Club (Jack is on the back row, 4th one in on the left)

Tomorrow is the last day of school for winter break so tonight we put together the teachers' gifts. We are giving them a Christmas mug with hot chocolate, candy cane and chocolates. Something I didn't realize before Morgan was literally takes a village (one wonderful teacher, four aides, a speech therapist and three bus drivers) to give her a good education. So check out the kids showing off their teacher's gift. Morgan has nine compared to Hadley, Jack and Ryan's one gift.


Scarehaircare said...

Guess what I forgot to do last night? Looks like I will have to head to either Target or Coast Vida for gift cards. One for Erik and 9 for The Love Magnet. She doesn't have as many aides as Morgan, but the compter teacher, music teacher, PE teacher, and Librarian are all so patient with her. She loves them.

Ted said...

Who was Gavin catching up with? A seminary computer dance date?

heather said...

First of all, let me just say how impressed I am with how many of you actually read through all of my boring ramblings to find the good stuff!:) Gavin was catching up with his high school sweetheart--Jill Johnson. She lives in our stake and her kids go to the same school as ours. It's all good! :)

DKAZ said...

Oh...ok. That makes sense. Because I know I wasn't at Dan's the other night! Ha, ha!

Emily said...

9 gifts? Wow, I am really dreading Macy's school years.