Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 9-- Gingerbread houses

Make a gingerbread house

We usually have all the kids build one big gingerbread house together from a kit I buy from the store. But this year we thought it might be fun to let them all try to build their own houses out of graham crackers. Maybe it wasn't the best idea. It started out great! All the kids were helping me make the icing, excited and full of anticipation of what their house was going to look like and then the actual building began. We quickly found out there is a definite skill that goes along with this--one that none of us has yet acquired! The houses kept falling apart. Over and over. After lots of tears and frustration we finally got a few houses to stand. And even a few smiles.

Jack's final house.
He had a great attitude and was totally content to decorate a house that had fallen apart.

Morgan LOVES candy and it was so cute to help her decorate her house. It was seriously a race to see who could get the candy first. Me-to put it on her house or Morgan-to put it in her mouth!

Ryan had the hardest time with this project. His house collapsed several times and he got very frustrated. But by the end of the night he was able to smile and show off his house.

Hadley had enjoyed decorating her house and decided her attic needed a doll and pet

Griffin's extent of gingerbread house action was enjoying some graham crackers and frosting.
Day 10--Wrap the presents for the Seal cousins


Tara Marie said...

What fun......I think this is a fabulous idea of individual houses, as I loved seeing each of your precious ones and their creations!!!!

Chris said...

This looks so fun! We always take the easy way out and attach the crackers to little milk cartons so they don't collapse, but I like the challenge of trying to get them to stay upright.

Love the doll in attic! Such a girl!