Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 9--Jack's band concert

Jack had to choose between art or band when he started 7th grade this year. He chose band. The trumpet to be exact. Last night was his first concert. And after hearing the same songs over and over while he practiced in our basement, it was nice to hear the finished pieces with all of the other instruments playing along, too.

The first day after he got his trumpet he came home and let me know he needed to practice 30 minutes everyday. He started to practice right then. That's when I wondered if he had made the right choice. I told him he'd have to wait 'til the kids woke up from naps since it was incredibly loud. He had the perfect solution--the backyard. It still makes me laugh to think of him outside playing his trumpet for the whole neighborhood to hear! He's learned how to play it really well and has come a long way since that first day!

Hadley with grandma and grandpa

Gavin with Mia and Griffin

Ryan and Morgan

The star of the show


grandma bethany said...

I am amazed that after only 3 months all these kids with different instruments and no experience can come together with music that is really good! Great playing Jack!

Scarehaircare said...

Congrats Jack!

Heather - I am loving reading your fun Christmas activities. Miss you!