Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 5--Down syndrome Christmas Party

United Angels Foundation Christmas party--

cookie decorating

More dancing and floor routines for Morgan

Breakfast and hot chocolate

And SANTA!!!

Morgan asked for cookies

The idea of Santa was so much better than the real thing for Mia. She couldn't wait to sit on his lap and kept trying to get away from me to walk in front of someone's photo op and grab Santa. Once it was finally her turn she couldn't get off of his lap quick enough!

Griffin asked for a Car's scooter

And Jack, Ryan and Hadley? Apparently too cool for Santa which was a very sad realization for me. When (in the past year) did they decide to grow up and become scrooges?


grandma bethany said...

Love seeing the kids excitement over Santa. Tell Hadley, Ryan and Jack that we are never too old to sit on Santa's lap! Even their great grandma Norma did every year!

COOLWHIP said...

I never heard about this one.

DKAZ said...

So fun that all these activities are so family oriented-all the kids have fun at these events. The activities where you can just kinda let the kids go have fun without totally stressing are the best.