Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 10--Christmas shopping for cousins

This is probably the only time all year that we are brave (stupid) enough to take all 6 kids to the store and head directly to the toy aisle.

The youngest 3 loved playing and trying out all of the toys.

The big kids were adamant that they NEEDED these glasses

We even ran into a few familiar faces

And we left the store with the same number of kids that we started with and a treat in each hand. Once again, a successful shopping adventure.


amy flege said...

oh you are brave! glad it was a fun time!

Vennesa said...

Yes, "brave" is a good word for it.
I can't think of anything I'd rather not do than take them all to the toy aisle.
I braved the ward party with all the kids (without Brett) tonight. I don't enjoy buffet style dinners. (I can only hold so many plates.) I too went home with the same number of kids that I came with.
So is all your shopping done then?

Rebecca said...

I am so glad you went home with the same number of kids that you came with. Did you actually get the shopping done too?

Kristin said...

And I think it's difficult to take two shopping!