Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 20--Seal Gift Exchange

We had a great Christmas party at Trevor's and Annie's house. We do our gift exchanging for the cousins, Gavin's parents, their gifts for the grandkids and a 'white elephant' gift exchange for the adults. We do it before Christmas when nan and papa are here because they like to stay in St. George for Christmas. The kids were excited about all of the wonderful gifts they received and probably don't need anything else for Christmas! Gavin and I scored with the white elephant gift exchange--Rocky Horror Picture Show, $15 Subway gift card, and snowman solar-powered yard lights.

Opening gifts

Nan and papa with Mia, Griffin, Morgan, Hadley, Jack and Ryan

Nan and papa with some of the grandkids

The boys

The girls

And it's not a party without some good karaoke and fake teeth. Every Breath You Take. I love being serenaded by Gavin but my favorite's the end with nan dancing and clapping.

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Ted said...

Gavin's singing is impressive, but can he do Axl Rose ?