Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 22--A Christmas Carol

I'm not just saying this to make it look good for the blog -- this really was such a fun night! We went to A Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater. I haven't been to this play since I was a teenager. The theater and cast were amazing! I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a new Christmas tradition for our family.

I was especially touched by the actor who played Bob Cratchit. It was his first year to be back in the play since the tragic car accident 3 years ago when his family was driving home from the cast party on Christmas Eve and were hit by a drunk driver. He lost his wife and two children that night. In the program he says, "The sweetest, tenderest, happiest homes are not those where there has been no sorrow, but those that have been overshadowed with grief and where Christ's comfort was accepted." What an example of faith and hope.

On our way into the theater

Jack, Ryan and oh, look, Gavin made it in the picture too.

My parents and Blake

My mom's friend was part of the cast

And this is what we came home to . . . SNOW!!!


grandma bethany said...

What a wonderful evening! So glad we found out you were going and tagged along.
Blake was so impressed and thanked me over and over for going. For some reason he thought it was going to just be singing.
I am never disappointed with the productions at the Hale Theater.

grandma bethany said...

Thanks for finding and sharing the article about the tragic car accident to Gary Ceran and his family. It must have taken a lot of faith to come back and perform again. He certainly is an inspiration to us.