Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 19--Peter Breinholt Concert

This activity has become a fun tradition -- eating dinner downtown and then spending the evening listening to amazing Christmas music.

We drove through this cemetery on our way downtown. It was beautiful with all the lighted luminaries.

Downtown was really busy but we finally found somewhere to eat on our 3rd try--Squatter's. Jack was wondering if he could tell his friends that he's now been in a bar. I tried to explain to him that it was a restaurant with a bar, like Fridays, Chili's, Iggy's, etc. He wasn't listening. Oh well.

Waiting for our table of 9

Enjoying the grub

Excited for the concert

Adam and Cami joined us

Peter Breinholt!!!

Dessert at McD's
I like this picture--I caught Adam eyeing Gavin

Thank you Ware's for such a fun night!


Kerrah said...

Heather, I know Cami. Her grandma lives next to my parents in Santa Clara. We used to spend summers playing when she would visit her grandma (she has embarassing stories about me). I just ran into her at the Children's museum about a month ago, and talked to her. Whats the connection, how are you guys related? I can't believe Peter Brienholt's beard, I almost didn't recognize him. He was in our last ward, and his wife was my visiting teacher, and I was hers. Do you know them personally also? BTW I love your blog. I can't believe this 12 days of Christmas thing, you are so fun and creative! I want to start doing this in our family now!

Brittany said...

I enjoy that the kids are at their own table at both restaurants! Now that is an idea I can get behind.

heather said...

Kerrah--Adam and Cami are our really good friends. We've been to Europe, Vancouver BC, San Fran and Maui together. We love them! And no, we don't know Peter Breinholt personally, just stood in line to meet him after the show. And just need to clarify--it's 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!!! :)

Anonymous said...
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