Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 7--Go to the mall and visit Santa

My sister- Brittany's- family

Dinner in the mall courtyard. We were the evening entertainment for all of the other diners.

My brother Chad and his wife, Jennie


Kristin said...

I love reading about all your Christmas festivities! We need to get some traditions started in ours.

Kristin said...

As for the 'sports tree', there was a 'worker' standing by the tree and she was telling someone as I was eavesdropping :)

grandma bethany said...

I love checking your blog each day to see what new and exciting Christmas adventure you are having. It makes my Christmas brighter just reading and seeing the excitement of Christmas with your family.

DKAZ said...

Next up-if you'll direct your attention the right, the Stewart Family Dinner! Enjoy folks!

Looks like you really were the entertainment, from Santa to the food court, looks like non-stop fun. My kids LOVE eating in the food court. Hope you had some delightful orange chicken from Panda Express for me.