Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 6--Christmas Train and gingerbread cookies

Christmas Express

We have 2 different trains that go under our Christmas tree but haven't had either of them out for many years because of all the little grabby hands. We decided to try it again this year and set it up as part of our advent activity. Unfortunately we still have two kids with very grabby hands (Mia and Griffin) and it has been torn apart more than it's been together, but Ryan has been up for the challenge of putting it back together and loves to watch it go around the tree. I was surprised to hear Ryan say that setting up the train has been his favorite activity so far. Good reminder that the simple things usually mean the most.

Make Gingerbread cookies with grandma

Griffin and Morgan with my cute mom!
Every Christmas my mom has all of the grandkids up to her house to make gingerbread cookies. The kids LOVE it and all the parents enjoy eating all of the cookies. It's a win-win. Gingerbread cookies and peppermint ice cream -- it tastes like Christmas!



Hadley and her cousins, Abi and Grace

Ryan gives his sign of approval on the cookie event


grandma bethany said...

I love having the kids help with the Gingerbread Men. I hope it is a tradition that they will enjoy as much as I do.

DKAZ said...

I think the best part about this activity, apart from spending time with their cute Grandma is that you don't have to clean up the mess. Sorry, that is the Mommy-Scrooge in me coming through. Plus what a great idea instead of houses, just flat little cookies.