Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 24 {'Twas the night before Christmas}

We started this tradition a few years ago and it's quickly become one of my kids favorite things to do during the Christmas season ----- gathering together with their cousins the night before Christmas for dinner, starring in the nativity play and receiving their very own wise men gifts.

You probably don't need me to tell you that these three little 4 year old boys stole the show.  They seriously have to be the cutest wise men, ever!

Ryan made a great Joseph again.  I think this is a recurring role for him.

Hadley quickly took over as the director and handed out all of the parts to everyone.  That's probably why she ended up as the narrator and with the most speaking parts.  Mia was downstairs and didn't want to come up and participate in the beginning.  Then she walked into the room and couldn't get into character quick enough.  Sadly the part of Mary had already been claimed but that didn't stop her from carrying around the Baby Jesus and thinking she was the star of the play.

Jack really took his role as "Innkeeper #3" seriously.  Armed with a knight's shield and breast plate.

Aunt Rae read The Fourth Wise Man to all of the kids after the play ended.  Which meant it was almost time to pass out the wise men gifts. Gold = worldly gift.  Red = sentimental/spiritual gift.  Green= necessity. (Sorry about mixing up the colors this year Rae. :)

The red gifts (sentimental/spiritual) were the biggest hit this year.  I made photobooks for Morgan and Ryan (was hoping to get them done for all of the kids but ran out of time.  Next year!).  Morgan kept saying over and over, "I love this book!  I love this book!"

Jack and Hadley got scripture stickers and Jack immediately went and got his scriptures so he could start putting the stickers on the verses.

Ryan got a photo book full of his football highlights from his years in little league football.  He loved it!  Don't let that middle finger and serious face fool you!

Then it was time to open all of the cousin gifts.  Jack started and was excited to get two new books, maybe not initially as he was nervously looking for the gift receipt, but he read a few chapters and decided they look like good books after all.

Ryan got a gift card to Barnes and Noble

My girl can't get enough of arts and crafts and was very excited with this AG pom-pom scarf kit.

Morgan loved her new princess barbie set.

But Griffin was the winner.  None of us even realized there was a contest going on but Griffin let us know.  "I'm the winner!  I'm the winner!  My present is the biggest!!!"  And he was right.  His present definitely was the biggest present.

Mia could barely hold her new gifts.

Nothing is better than new Christmas jammies.  They loved them so much we decided to let them stay in them for several days!  Love Christmas break!

Even Nan and Papa joined in the fun via Skype.

One last thing before going to bed.  Cookies and milk for Santa.  And sparkly food for the reindeer.

Jack and Ryan had their own little plan.  They secretively ran around the yard setting out piles of reindeer food.  Funny thing . . . those reindeer must have been seriously hungry because all of their piles were gone in the morning.

And here's a little peek of our family room after Santa's visit.


Lacey said...

Those are some pretty fancy costumes for your nativity! I remember doing that when I was little! Look at daddy holding the barbies while they put out the reindeer food!

iColossus / Monster said...

Sweet kids! Looks like everyone had such a great time with the play!