Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 21 {Christmas Shopping at the dollar store}

I really over-estimated my abilities as a mother with this activity.  How hard could it be to take all six kids to the dollar store by myself and let them choose some gifts for their friends?  Um.  In case you still aren't sure, it's really hard, maybe even teetering on the edge of losing my mind for a moment.  The aisles are tiny.  The shopping carts aren't meant to be used as strollers and are too small to hold children.  All of the kids were having the best time ever.  Bouncing balls down the aisles.  Blowing these awful horns (so awful that Jack and Ryan picked them for part of their friends' gifts.  I am so sorry to the families who ended up with the horns!) that only added to the chaos.  And they were the big kids.  The ones who said they would be my helpers in the store. We made quite the scene.  And it didn't help that I was taking pictures of the chaos.  Just made it look like I was enjoying the madness and actually welcomed it.

We managed to get some of the shopping done and left as quickly (not quietly) as we could.  Then headed over to Target with extra appreciation for bigger aisles and shopping carts that hold kids.  Morgan, Griffin and Mia all got strapped into a shopping cart and we were on our way.


Becca said...

Oh, you are BRAVE!!!! I have a hard enough time just taking *one* shopping!

iColossus / Monster said...


Do you know how much your kids will talk about moments like these?!!!!

Good for you, Mama!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You did very well! Brave girl indeed!

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

Looks fun! Is Griffin dressed as Superman for this outing? :) I did the dollar store for the kids' gifts to each other, but I took the easy way out and picked out a bunch of things there by myself. Then the kids got to shop in MY store at home one at a time so they didn't see each others items.