Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 17 {Build a Snowman}

We got lots of snow last week and the kids were so excited to get all dressed up in their snow clothes and go play and roll around in it.  

It snowed for a few days and then it started warming up again.  Gavin knew it was now or never if they were gonna make that snowman.

Morgan took a break from the hard work of rolling the snow for some basketball action.

She's actually pretty good.  Gotta love the squat.

Look at that air and form!

Now back to helping with the snowman.  She did not like the frisbee on the snowman and kept pulling it off.  Griffin was not happy with the dismantling of his snowman.

Morgan kept taking snow off of the snowman and eating it.  Which usually wouldn't be a big deal but check out that snowman full of leaves, yellow snow and dirt.  Gross!

The finished snowman.  Shameless advertising for the neighbors.  Wonder who had the great idea of using Allstate frisbees for the buttons?

And check out the life-like arms and hands on our snowman!


Kristin said...

Haha - love the frisbees and the arms :)

Anonymous said...

Is that Jack or Ryan not wearing pants out in the snow?? Silly boy! HA!