Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 16 {David Archuleta and Mormon Tabernacle Choir}

Every year the LDS church offers a free Christmas concert at the conference center.  Tickets are given out by lottery.  We lucked out and got tickets again this year.  It's always so crowded and a long wait to get into the building but it was so worth the wait.

Our view from our seats.  We really couldn't have had better seats.  Well, maybe they could have been a little more up and center but then we wouldn't have had as much fun.  We had a perfect view of the teleprompter and we enjoyed reading along and being able to notice when David Archuleta tried to ad lib and veer away from the written script.  Usually didn't work out so well.

This boy was born to sing Christmas music.  I honestly have never heard these songs sound as good as they did with David Archuleta singing and the Mo Tab Choir as his back up singers.  I'm pretty sure this was as good as hearing the herald angels singing on the night of Christ's birth.

We got to enjoy the show with my parents and youngest brother, Blake

Temple Square was so crazy with all of the crowds from the concert.  It took us about an hour to be able to reverse out of our parking spot and drive home.

But we got to enjoy the temple grounds and lights one more time as we walked back to our car.


Kelle said...

A: I keep thinking how cool it is that you are still in that little piece of heaven we just left...called utah.

B: you're adorable. and you make me smile.

Grandma Bethany said...

Just listened to David Archuleta singing again....absolutely beautiful and thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with you.

Alex and Kristi said...

I watched the choir sing on OPB the other night! Just amazing!! I remember when I was little every Christmas it was a family tradition to watch the choir sing on TV. So lucky that you got to witness it in person! Amazing!!!

iColossus / Monster said...

BEAUTIFUL picture of you and your hubs, girl!

Grandma Bethany said...

What I meant to say is 'Thank you for letting us share such a wonderful experience with you'