Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12 {Gingerbread cookies with grandma}

I'm so glad my mom started this tradition with the grandkids because they all really love helping make their little gingerbread men cookies.  I always think I'm not going to eat any of them while I watch all of those little hands hold them, cough on them and decorate them but somehow I always manage to eat at least one.  And this year didn't disappoint.  Yummy!

Grandma teaches Cameron the tricks of rolling out the cookie dough

Jack, Ryan and Maddie attempt to make their own cookies

Ryder, Cameron, Gracie and Sarah excitedly wait for the cookies to cool enough to start the decorating

Hadley wanted to take some pictures with my camera and was quite pleased with the pictures she got of grandpa and grandma.

Time to decorate!

Thanks mom!  The kids love this Christmas tradition!

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Grandma Bethany said...

Grandma loves this tradition as well. What, you say you only ate one? Just think how many I will eat between now and Christmas..I will be making them for our extended family party and neighbor gifts. Of course, I nibble on a few at the same time.