Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 23 {Neighbor Gifts}

The kids love delivering the neighbor gifts and passing out their friends' gifts too.  I was surprised how excited Griffin and Mia were to do the friend gifts this year.  They loved driving around to their friends houses and got so excited to get out of the car to take their gift up to the door.  

Simple and sweet.  Thin Mints.

Griffin gave his buddies a growing dinosaur.  Here's his best scary dinosaur face.

Jack and Ryan gave footballs and annoying horns to their friends.  Hadley gave hot chocolate and pink marshmallows.  Mia gave her friends a little fairy doll and had a hard time not keeping one for herself.

Morgan still needs to pick out her gift for her bestie.  Grace gave Morgan the sweetest Christmas present this year.  She made her a fleece pillow and gave her a Christmas story book.  Morgan is so lucky to have Gracey as her best friend!

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Kelle said...

Favorites: Griffin's scary dinosaur face and that last picture of Morgan. okay, and I'm kind of in love with Mia because she sat on my lap. And I still think she looks just likes you!
Waiting for Christmas Day post!