Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 20 {Haircuts and Christmas FHE}

Maybe you didn't notice Jack's helmet hair.  I won't feel badly if you noticed.  It's hard not to miss.  I think he finally realized it was time for a change.  So when my cousin called and said she could cut my boys hair if I could get to the salon right then, I immediately piled the boys in the car, pajamas and all.  

Jack went first and decided he wanted to cut it short.  All or nothing for this boy.

The before      

He tried out the mullet.  Not his style.

But it was definitely his dad's style back in the day.

The after.  

Ryan's turn.  He didn't care what his hair looked like.  Just wanted it short.  Really short!
The before

The after 

Jack and Ryan found this great book of hairstyle ideas while Griffin was getting his haircut.  They felt a little jipped that they didn't find this book with all the cutting edge styles before they chose their cut.

My three sons all ready for Christmas with their new haircuts!

Hadley made a Christmas FHE (Family Home Evening) kit with her Activity Girls group and was so excited to share it with our family.  She had to wait a week to do it since we went to Temple Square last week for FHE.  She started preparing first thing in the morning, getting everything ready for the night.  She made the treat (brownies) that afternoon and then it was finally time!  We each got our parts and read different sections of Luke 2 together and sang Christmas songs together.  It was a really nice Family Home Evening and perfect for the week of Christmas.

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Vennesa said...

Jack's hair looks great. That's one of the battles at our house. I'd love it if Jacob would go short.