Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 months old

Dear Mia
It's hard to believe that you are already two months old! You have really grown a lot this past month and have lost the 'newborn look' now :(. It's hard for me to see the newborn stage leave so quickly knowing that you are my last little one. It is definitely about cherishing each little moment. You seem to be getting bigger and bigger each day. The other morning Hadley ran into the room to see you and said, "Wow! She really got big last night! She looks like she is one or something!" Well you are definitely growing but not quite a one year old yet!

You are such a happy and content little girl! You smile ALL the time and make cute little cooing sounds too. I had a neighbor watch you for a few hours yesterday while I volunteered at the school and she commented on how 'animated' you are! It's so true. I love all your big, open mouthed smiles. You seem to be especially full of smiles when you first wake up and are all rested. Hopefully your happy disposition will continue with our upcoming BIG adventure--a trip to Australia--we are hoping you'll get lots of sleep (and not much fussing) on the 20+ hour plane ride. We all love you so much. And Griffin and Morgan still can't seem to get enough of you!
I love you,

Two month Check up

Weight 11 lb. 13 oz. (73 %)

Height 23 inches (76%)

Head 15 inches (33 %)

Everything went well at her two month check up but her pediatrician did hear a heart murmur so we are going to take her to Morgan's Cardiologist for further evaluation. Unfortunately we can't get in to the cardio appointment until the end of May. I'll keep you posted.


Toni Mehraban said...

Mia still looks so much like Blake. I hope that she checks out OK! Tisha wasn't able to make it up for spring break but I'm going to pass along your blog so that she can get in touch with you.


karol said...

I love it how you write a letter to Mia for your post, she is so cute!! I need to come and see you so I can just give her a squeeze! Looks like I'll have to do it after the BIG ADVENTURE -- Australia? Wow! I'll be looking for some posts from the trip! :)

I hope everything turns up okay with your visit to the cardiologist.