Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So lucky to have you!

My cute Leprechaun baby!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Unfortunately I forgot all about this green day until 30 mins. after all the kids left for school and was unable to remember what they had chosen to wear. Hoping they had something green to save them from lots of friendly pinches. Amazingly enough they all had some green in their outfits except for Morgan. Even 'our leprechaun' forgot about the holiday and didn't leave the usual green donuts on our porch for breakfast. Maybe next year we'll be more on the ball! We made up for it in the evening with a fun FHE at the Classic Fun Center. All the kids were able to have fun in the bounce zone and arcade. I love seeing Griffin and Morgan doing the same things as the 'big kids' and having a great time. Griffin is at such a cute age (even if he is my own 'human tornado'!!) and growing up so quickly!

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