Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Birthday Festivities

This week has been a crazy one for me with Hadley's party, a Primary Easter party that I was in charge of, Gavin's birthday, Easter, Sharing Time on Sunday and trying to get ready to go to Australia for 10 days. But through it all we managed to have a fun Birthday celebration for Gavin. He opened his presents this morning --some CDs, book and sunglasses.

The Birthday cake is a big deal for Gavin and he feels like it should be a Bundt cake since that is what he had growing up. So he was happy to see his Birthday (Bundt) cake on the table this morning when he woke up. We didn't have 37 individual candles so he got stuck with the 9 from Ryan's last party. (Ryan couldn't resist eating a slice of the cake before we got the picture taken).

We had a great Birthday dinner with our friends at the Tiburon. Thanks for coming and making his 'surprise party' so much fun. And thanks for the great gifts--both the crown and water ski gloves will come in handy! :)

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Heidi Rushing said...

Happy Birthday Gavin - you may not be so athletic and sure, your nose may resemble Steve Carroll's but no one can pray with such fervor in the middle of the wilderness as you - you are the reason there was no murmuring on our camping trip to the patch of heaven! We owe everything to you! Hope your day was deserving of you!