Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy 1st Easter, Mia!!

The Easter celebrating began on Saturday -- dying Easter eggs

I wanted to get a cute picture of all the kids together in their Easter clothes. It was a great idea but not realistic. I am not sure when we will be able to get a good family picture again with all these kids!! :) Griffin is way too busy to ever stop and look at a camera and only wanted to hop on the trampoline and not stand still for a picture. Then there's Morgan--she just wanted to touch Mia and wouldn't put her hands down and look at me long enough for a picture . . . so this is the best shot I got after about 10 minutes of trying.

Here are my 3 sons...and Griffin is even smiling (not looking at the camera, but smiling!!)

Gavin and me with Mia

After dinner we went to visit Grandma in the hospital. She had double knee replacements and will be going home tomorrow. Little kids and hospitals don't seem to go together very well so we only lasted a few minutes but I think my mom (and the kids) enjoyed the visit even with all the chaos. She is doing great and I am sure she will be up to doing the St. George Marathon this fall with those new knees! :)

We watched "Finding Faith in CHRIST" for our Easter evening activity. The kids all enjoyed watching it together and made lots of comments about it. They already know most of the stories and miracles from reading the scriptures and Primary lessons, but enjoyed the video version. We discussed what the resurrection means to our family and that we will all be able to see Uncle Jason again because of this wonderful gift from our Savior.

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Toni Mehraban said...

I'm opposite and wish that Roya would suck her thumb/fingers instead of a binkie!

Say hello to your mom - we wish her a speedy recovery! At least she's smiling!