Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hadley!

Hadley has been so excited for her birthday and talking about it for weeks. She was worried she wouldn't be able to sleep last night with all the excitement and anticipation. She started her birthday morning with waffles and opening presents. She loves American Girl dolls and was very surprised (until she noticed she was getting the ice skates that go to the Mia doll) to get the new '2008 Girl of the Year', Mia. (I couldn't resist with having our own Mia). She also got some Disney Fairy books, swimsuits, clothes, and an American Girl mini doll, Julie. She went to school with a big smile on her face!

She chose to have ice cream sandwiches for her Birthday treat at school. Here she is with some of her friends in her classroom.

She had a "Horton hears a Who" party right after school. All of her friends came over and opened presents and sang Happy Birthday to Hadley. Unfortunately we ran out of time to actually eat any cake because we had to make the 3pm showtime. We were even a few minutes late for the movie with skipping the cake event. It definitely isn't an easy task getting 13 little girls and 1 boy to a movie theater in time! They all enjoyed the movie and treats, but were still disappointed about not getting any cake and ice cream.

Hadley got to pick her favorite restaurant for dinner--The Training Table. We all had some yummy, greasy cheese fries and sandwiches for dinner. She got lots of fun presents from her friends and is now enjoying playing with all of it!

In honor of Hadley's 7th Birthday . . . here are seven things you should know about her.
1. She loves to read. She will spend hours in her room reading fairy books, American Girl books and magazines, the scripture readers, The Friend, Magic Tree house, etc.
2. She loves dance and gymnastics. She can do a great back bend, splits, cartwheel, and front handspring. She quickly moved from Level 1 to Level 2 in gymnastics.
3. She is a great friend. She has lots of friends and is always asking if she can play with someone.
4. She can't wait to turn 8. She is very excited for her Baptism Day and birthday party at the Lion House.
5. She loves the Naked Brothers Band. She has their poster hanging in her room and wrote "I love . . ." on the top. She is not shy about sharing her crushes with the family (very different from her brothers).

6. She claims to be a Vegetarian. Ever since she realized that meat comes from animals, she won't eat it (unless it is nicely disguised in chicken nuggets or processed lunch meats). She needs reminders on how to say the word 'vegetarian' so that she is able to let her friends know.

7. She is a beautiful girl. She has a very kind and loving spirit. She is (for the most part) patient with Morgan and enjoys playing school with her and reading to her. She is a good helper to her mom.

Happy 7th Birthday, Hadley! We all love you so very much and can't believe you are already SO big!


Heidi Rushing said...

Happy Birthday Hadley - I totally thought of you today but was too crazy to give you a call (before 1:00 am your time) because we had Cassidy's party at our house tonight too! She had a murder mystery party. I will try to get it on the blog soon. You are a beautiful girl - inside and out and we love you!

Aaron and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Hadley! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day! You are a wonderful young lady and sister to little Morgan. :)

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

Hmm, we have another niece as well that says she is a vegetarian, although it seems to turn on and off depending on what is being served!! Hadley's cake was sooo cute, you should just pop it in the freezer and use it party after party! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Scarehaircare said...

Happy B-day Hadley!