Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Please don't feed the animals!

The weather last week felt like Spring so we took advantage of it by doing some fun outdoor activities in the warmth of the sun. We went to the zoo on Friday (since the kids were out of school) with some neighbor friends. I am pleased to say that I was actually able to take all of my children by myself and have a good time!It was my first big outing with all the kids without having Gavin to help. I carried Mia in the Baby Bjorn, put Griffin in the stroller and Morgan had a harness backpack thing on. They all did really well, in fact Mia slept the entire three hours in the carrier. Morgan was such a trooper--walking all over the grounds, up and down all the hills but when it was time to walk back to the car she decided she was too worn out to take another step and sat down in the middle of the walkway with everyone trying to get around us. I think it was a combination of tired legs and too small of tennis shoes. So we took off her shoes and put her in the stroller. Griffin was more than happy to be able to run around. Morgan keeps talking about the zoo and says, "Do you want to?" which really means "I want to" go to the zoo again! Hopefully I will be brave enough to try it again soon since I bought the season pass.

I gave Griffin a water bottle full of lemonade to see if he was thirsty and he was kind enough to share it with those poor thirsty penguins! (Yes, Griffin was the one that threw it over the fence . . . not Morgan!)

Taking a break for lunch

Jack and Ryan spent their own hard-earned money on these silly hats from the gift shop

Morgan and Griffin also had fun playing in the backyard--playing in the dirty sandbox, jumping on the trampoline and having picnics. Unfortunately we got snow a few days later. I guess we will just have to wait a little longer to really enjoy Spring!


Grandma Bethany said...

Looks like fun and such a beautiful day. You were brave to tackle the zoo trip by yourself.
Glad you had fun. Next time, maybe I can help.

Brittany said...

I was very impressed when you told me that you took all of your children to the zoo with out Gavin! You are a better woman than I! Hopefully we will go soon, I love the zoo. I was hoping Spring was here as well, but it appears we will have to wait a little longer!

karol said...

I thought that was funny that Griffin threw his water bottle in to the penguins - I could totally see my Jacob doing that. I am so ready for spring too!

Heidi Rushing said...

You are a brave soul! Glad it was enjoyable and a lost water bottle was the worst that happened.