Friday, March 7, 2008

Matchbox Twenty

My little sister Brittany called and asked me if I would like to go see Alanis Morissette and Matchbox Twenty in concert. She had an extra ticket (her husband had an important church ball tournament that night :) and was inviting me! I, of course, was extremely excited at the opportunity of going out and having some fun! It also was a compliment that she would even want go with me since I am 10 years older! I was worried I might feel old going to a concert, but turns out most the crowd looked in their thirties and one guy sitting behind us even slept through the whole thing but the opening song. It really was so much fun to be able to get out for a minute, dance a little, and enjoy some GREAT tunes (And we had great seats on the second row off the floor)! Sometimes as a stay at home mom ( a little too 'stay at home') I feel like all I do is clean the house and take care of my kids so it was nice to escape for a few hours and have a little me time. Thanks Brittany!!


Grandma Bethany said...

Sounds like you had a fun sister outing. However, being the old grandma that I am, I have no idea who it was you saw!
Glad you had fun!

Scarehaircare said...

Putting on date clothes, makeup and hair, and going out to listen to great music and dance? Absolutely fun!

I'm counting on you to come visit while we're at PCMC. I know it was approved, no date yet.

Aaron and Lisa said...

:) Sounds like you had fun. I am so glad we can be blog buddies now. :) Yay! I was showing Aaron the picture of Morgan attempting to clean her mess in the bathroom and he saw your sister. Such a small world. He knows her. Well actually her knows her husband. He went to school with Jaimie (elementary through high school). Funny. It will be fun to keep up with y'all and see the kids grow.
See you Sunday.