Friday, July 16, 2010

Park City

I love the Utah mountains in the summertime. Even though I grew up snow skiing, I rarely make it up to the mountains in the wintertime. Probably because I'm not a fan of being cold and all of the work it takes to put on all of those layers of ski clothing. But the summer? Love the mountains!!! Perfectly blue skies. Green mountains. Cooler temperatures. Swimming. Shopping. Dining. Olympic Park activities. And family time.

We got a babysitter for the youngest three and headed up to Park City with Jack, Ryan, and Hadley. We also took Kennedy and Cassidy (two of my nieces) who were visiting from the northwest. They come to Utah at least twice a year and hadn't even heard of Park City before. It's funny how we fly and drive such long distances to visit places just like Park City. I don't know why we don't go to Park City more often. We only live 20 minutes away and it's such a beautiful, fun resort town!


In front of Olympic Park--alpine slide, alpine coaster, zip lines and trampoline launcher.

We started with the Alpine Coaster. You control the speed but it's safest to go fast so other sleds won't crash into you. I rode with Hadley. She's was terrified the whole way up. We had time to see other sleds going down the hill super fast and she plead with me to please use the brake down the mountain. I explained to her how it worked and that it was like a roller coaster and couldn't fall off of the track like the Alpine Slide ride. No one explained this to Ryan and he rode the brake all the way down, fearing his sled was going to fly right off the track. We'll have to go back up so he can get his redemption ride. Everyone loved this ride!



Ski lift ride up to the top of the mountain to do the Alpine Slide.

Hadley started to panic a little again. It probably didn't help that Gavin kept asking the worker how many people had died on the slide today. When it was her turn, she started down the slide going really slowly. I laughed with the people waiting behind her that they may want to wait awhile before they go down after her. And then it was my turn . . . I think I know where Hadley gets her fear. I started asking the worker all of the same questions Hadley was. The lady standing behind me commented to her friend that she was going to wait awhile before she went down. How rude!

Jack begged to do this trampoline bungee ride. Then spent the rest of the night complaining about how it hurt his 'inner loins' and that the Alpine slide and trampoline are so much better at Snowbird. Kennedy wouldn't let that comment drop. Everything from then on was compared to Snowbird.

We spent the night at The Yarrow Resort. The kids had fun swimming in the pool. Kennedy is a full blown teenager and can never get too much sun. So she had fun laying out in the mountains where the sun is even stronger.

We fit all of us into one hotel room. Gavin and I had a bed. Hadley and Kennedy had the other bed. Cassidy slept in a chair. And Jack and Ryan earned sleeping on the floor after thinking it would be really funny to throw about 30 towels into the pool and leave them there for the employees to clean up. We didn't find it quite as funny. They got to go home first thing in the morning while the girls all stayed up there and swam and shopped at the outlets.

Breakfast at Flippin' Burgers

And just because you can't get enough of this post and are wishing you could read more and more about our Park City getaway and see lots of the same pictures all over again. Ryan's post. Heidi's post. I'm sure Kennedy and Cassidy are going to blog all about this trip too just as soon as they remember they have a blog.


Vennesa said...

Looks fun! We should think about taking our kids to Park City too. They'd love the slide.
Oh, and you are so behind Heather! Ryan posted about this weeks ago!!

grandma bethany said...

So true! We have so many beautiful tourist areas right close to home. It has been such a long time since I have been to Park City (not counting the outlets). Speaking about beautiful areas, are you going to get to Lake Powell this year?